Robinson Family Portrait 2011

Robinson Family Portrait 2011

High Fiving Our Way Through Life Together One Day At A Time

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Post

Ok....So, this is where technology brings me. I married a foreigner. My husband, Simon, is from New Zealand. His parents still live there along with his brother, wife and their two adorable children. My sister in-law lives in London with her amazing 'American husband' -thank goodness- another American in the family, and their 3 children!

What a better way to communicate the busy lifestyle that comes with raising three children in the world today with family literally all over the planet - through blogging!!

My parents live up the street. I laugh because that reminds me of Everybody Loves Raymond. My door is unlocked to them! We see them a lot! Very active healthy grandparents. My parents! Such a blessing for the kids to have 4 grandparents - healthy and active! Two up the road....two on the opposite side of the earth.

So life around here at the Robinson house stays busy. The washing machine has not stopped since.....I don't know when??? With all the sporting activities there is a lot of sweat pouring!

Let me introduce the Robinson High Five! First, I picked that name because obviously there are five of us. Next when people are excited, enthused or celebrate...what do they do...HIGH FIVE each other. When on my journey with this family, I have been so graciously blessed with, it is all about high fiving! some days not so much! But the "high five" mentality gets me through.

I'll start with Simon. He is SO my little New Zealand husband. I say little lightly as he stands 6'6" and is strong as an OX. Played tennis for University of Arkansas, and can safely say he has been Americanized. I say that loosely as I am reminded frequently he is still an Alien to my USA home turf! :0). Love him dearly! Great father and keeps us all young. Laughing and joking...let's just say he "is" one of the kids! Best 17 years of my life so far!

Rylee 13 first baby. Baby! She stand 5' 8" - towers over me. And guess what she can clear her father on a pole vault and more. She is jumping close to 10 feet now as a 13 year old. Bronze medal at AAU Junior Olympics 2010. Straight "A" student and skipped 6th grade. Talks of becoming a surgeon one day. Well, we know where she gets her brains from... Papa Kiwi and Papa Dallas. Both our fathers are very intelligent people. Papa Kiwi (Simon's father very wise man - intellectual, academia). My father - Aeronautical Engineer.

Reagan second blessing. The girls are 11 months apart. Cut from different cloths. Reagan loves social...friends and next activity. She made the National club volleyball team in Dallas as the left spiker. LOVES it! Wants to play for U of A. She is my pistol. Don't know where she gets that from ;).

Kyle baby. I pretty much make him tell me he will 'always' be my baby. Yea I know he will stand maybe as tall as his dad...but I will always cuddle that little boy. I absolutely adore him. He is very sweet and loving. Loves the game of golf. Simon spends a lot of his weekends cadding for Kyle at tournaments. Kyle shot a 77 a few weeks ago and was over the moon.

Joey LOVES Simon!!!! Follows him everywhere. He protects this little family of mine. Sounds like a Pitbull or Rottweiler if you come to my door. He is doing his job as the rest of us. Speaking of which - more laundry calling. Hope you enjoy my first post. Would love to hear from you.

This website is really for my overseas family to keep updated on the 'Robinson High Five' in America, but would love others to climb aboard and join our journey.......

Family Portrait 2011